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On October 12, the Ministry of Housing and urban-rural Development 2021 the Statistical Yearbook of Urban Development 2020 and the Statistical Yearbook of urban-rural development 2020, published 1981 to 2020 years of urban central heating and 2000 to 2020 years of central heating in counties throughout the country. 

By the end of 2020, the area of central heating nationwide had reached about 12.266 billion square meters, an increase of about 780 million square meters over 2019, an increase of about 6.8 percent. The area of central heating in cities had reached 9.882 billion square meters, the central heating area of the county seat is 1.857 billion square meters, and the total area of the special areas at the level of towns, townships and townships is about 527 million square meters. The length of the national pipeline reached 507,348 kilometers, an increase of 39,363 kilometers over 2019, representing an increase of about 8.41 percent.

Since 2000, the area of central heating has increased rapidly

About 1,175 million square meters in 2000

About 4,966 million square meters in 2010, about 423 times that in 2000

About 12.266 billion square meters in 2020, about 10.44 times that in 2000

Pipe length

In 2000 it reached 49,113 km

In 2010, it reached 164,683 kilometers, about 3.35 times that of 2000

In 2020, it reached 507,348 kilometers, about 10.33 times that in 2000

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