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City central heating information management scheduling and automatic control system to ensure the heating system of high quality heating, safe operation, economic energy conservation, environmental protection has a very important role. Through the construction of urban central heating information management scheduling and automated control system, you can collect all the main information of the city's heating project, centralized monitoring, comprehensive analysis, coordination and scheduling, improve efficiency, so that the heating industry management from extensive to intensive , To promote the heating industry to improve the overall level of control.

My company's heating industry automation solution covers all aspects of process control, providing customers with integrated solutions and products that can reduce integration costs and engineering cycles. Sophisticated modular applications are integrated in the application library, providing the foundation for high quality and standardization. The company's standardized services provide users with a unified user interface, operating mode and diagnostic capabilities, thereby reducing the required training and maintenance work.

Overall solution Advantages: Reducing heat loss is the most important direction for energy efficiency in the heating industry, and we can provide an optimized overall heating control solution that minimizes heat loss by optimizing control. We can provide the process optimization control function library, such as the temperature temperature control based on the outdoor temperature as the reference, to ensure that the load is satisfied while the equipment in the corresponding process conditions, to maximize efficiency, the greatest degree of energy loss. In the data acquisition and monitoring layer (SCADA system), you can use data analysis tools to create reports and analyze process data to optimize and improve the process and ultimately reduce energy consumption.

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